care instructions

So that you can enjoy your watch for a long time


From washing your hands to diving: every watch has a different load limit when it comes to water resistance.

Each ELYSEE has an indication of water resistance according to DIN 8310. You can find the information either on the case back, on the dial or in the operating instructions. The following table provides an overview of the load limits of individual watches.


Soiling of the case and bracelet, eg from sweat or external influences, can lead to skin irritation and, over the long term, to oxidation of the materials. To avoid dirt deposits, clean the case and bracelet regularly. Try to avoid strong detergents. It is best to use microfiber cloths, cotton swabs, etc. Use tap water (for watches with 5 atm or higher) with a little soap to clean the case and glass.

If you would like to have your watch professionally cleaned, we would be happy to help. Use our service form for a non-binding inquiry.


Like any leather item (shoes, gloves, etc.), the leather strap requires careful maintenance to keep it beautiful. Protect your bracelet from water, perspiration, moisture, grease, perfume, cosmetics and chemicals and do not expose it to excessive sun. With regular care, you will extend the life of the bracelet and maintain its appearance and suppleness.

For activities in water, in very high humidity or in climatic conditions that lead to profuse sweating, we recommend a metal or rubber strap.