Warranty & Maintenance

We give one 24 month guarantee from the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects. This does not apply to the bracelet, glass, battery or damage caused by unauthorized intervention.

If, contrary to expectations, a production error should occur within this period, you can take your watch to your local specialist retailer for repair or to ours directly central service point send in.

Maintenance and repair

Every watch should be treated with care and depending on the movement, external influences and the stresses of the wearer three to five years of a revision (overhaul) be subjected to.

A full service involves disassembling the movement into its individual parts, cleaning them, and then assembling and oiling the individual parts of the movement. Defective parts or parts that have aged due to wear and tear will be replaced. After the service, each watch undergoes a final quality check and is then given a one-year service guarantee.

We offer the following services:

  • Revision (overhaul)
  • Check watertightness
  • Replacement of glass, crown, dial, crown etc.
  • Case preparation
  • Shorten/replace bracelet

If you have any special requests, please let us know. Contact us via our service form before sending your watch in for a repair or warranty claim and please use our service/repair order form for a smooth transaction.

» Download Service/Repair Order Form (PDF file)